How does it work?

Theft-attacks on LCV’s has increased dramatically and with the steady increase in the price of metals, thieves target more than just the cargo areas. This device envelopes the catalytic converter in a 2mm strong stainless-steel wrap which is then secured to the chassis with an equally strong 11mm case hardened chain. The device also uses high security shear-nuts, making the thief’s tools ineffective. For increased protection and added deterrent, the CATLOC comes with the International Security Register (ISR®) marking and registering system as standard. This includes high visibility window warning stickers and an ‘ultra-destruct’ label with marking fluid which permanently etches a unique 7 digit security code and 24/7 telephone number for the ISR® into the CAT or DPF. If a thief manages to remove the label, the etched mark remains in place which ensures that if the item is stolen the identity of the vehicle to which it belongs can be verified immediately by calling the ISR.

Key Features:
  • Bespoke Design to Shield Vulnerable Catalytic Converter/DPF Fixing Points
  • Made From High Quality Stainless Steel
  • SR Marking Included as Standard
  • High Security Shear Nuts/Bolts make the thief’s tools ineffective
  • High Visibility Chain Coating stands out in low light

Catloc 2

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